M&P believe the facade of a building is probably one of the most important features, both visually and environmentally. Heat loss penetration through the facade not only damages the environment, it is also financially inefficient for the end user. If installed correctly the facade will not only protect the fabric of your building, it will also create a positive impression in the minds of its occupiers and owners alike. By working closely with leading manufacturers M&P ensures the correct design/specification is applicable for each individual building. Whether it’s a new or an existing building, M&P can tailor a system with our partners to suit your needs. If you are looking for a pristine finish to a new building, or want to give some new life to an older building, M&P will satisfy your requirements which will be delivered on time and within budget.

SFS Framing:

SFS is a versatile fast track building system manufactured from lightweight cold roll formed galvanized steel sections, which are screwed together on site. This system is ideal for projects where the speed of construction or a lightweight frame is crucial. The stud size, spacing and anchorage are all determined by floor-to-floor heights, deflection criteria and lateral wind pressures.
M&P believe SFS is the only practical solution where critical programming times are applicable, as time after time we see firsthand the detrimental impact that water egress has on internal work programmes.

High Performance Rainscreen Cladding:

M&P have established close working relationships with the majority of the High Performance rainscreen Cladding system manufacturers. When working closely with them at tender stage, M&P can provide cost effective, practical and aesthetically pleasing cladding solutions for any installation.

Insulated Render Systems:

There are a variety of renders available in today’s market place to choose from, which will meet the artistic aspirations of clients and Architects alike. If it’s an older building or a new-build state of the art development, M&P have the experience and also the expertise to deliver any aesthetic facade within budget and on programme.

Windows Curtain Walling:

As part of M&P’s expansion we plan to have our new factory operational next year manufacturing Aluminum Windows and Curtain walling, which will put us in a unique position to offer our clients a complete through facade, a truly one stop solution. 


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