M&P believes training and education presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all operatives to improve quality standards and health and safety performance.


On-going Training at M&P Headquarters

M&P training bays at our factory have proven to be a great success. The Apprentices enjoy the relaxed environment and the training is first class with the evidence of its success being the successful installation of SFS and associated works – Metal Stud Partitions – Dry lining - Suspended Ceilings and render on the Llandysul Super School. Full credit to Paul Martin the M&P Site Manager who completed the works with a dozen apprentices in the main coupled with a few gangs of experienced M&P Operatives.

A Wealth of Experience

M&P Apprentices being trained by George Huntley on how to square off a Suspended Ceiling on one of our training bays in our Factory, you can see our SFS training bay to the right of the photo. If someone says they need tiles to square off a ceiling the alarm bells should be ringing.

Success Through Development

M&P Apprentices had a great day with George Huntley learning the basics of installing Suspended Ceilings. The training was a great success and enjoyed by all.


Julian Huntley

M&P Project Manager with 4 M&P apprentices who are all enjoying their training on Julian’s ISV/Morrison’s Project for Bouygues in Cardiff Bay.

Gerwyn Coleman

Gerwyn Coleman recently started on our Tape & Jointing training programme as an M&P apprentice, Gerwyn’s attitude is outstanding, we are extremely pleased Gerwyn chose M&P, as well as being an outstanding Rugby player, Gerwyn also has a great career ahead of him in Construction with M&P.

Jordan Wilks & Josh

Jordan Wilks & Josh Howard have both been high performing M&P apprentices on Llandysul Super School, they have impressed installing SFS, Metal Stud Partitions and Suspended Ceilings, they both have a great future ahead of them.

Jack Owen

Jack has been star performer on all our Sites, all M&P Senior Operatives think very highly Jack. He is keen to learn and has a great future ahead of him.

Jordan Wicks & David Howard

Jordan & David M&P apprentices working closely with Paul Martin M&P Site Manager on the Llandysul Super School scheme. They have both advanced their knowledge of the following packages - SFS and associated works – Metal Stud Partitions – Suspended Ceilings – feature Bulkheads and render.

Joshua Burnham

Joshua has been a fast learner working closely with Justin Starkey. He has been a great addition to our SFS training programme. He fully understands the build process and has now moved on to reading the drawings.

David Harris, Mitchell Howard, Thomas Llewellyn, Mark Bull and Ceri Barrett

Are all enjoying their training on our ISV/Morrison’s Project Cardiff Bay for Bouygues.

Jackson Huntley

Jackson Huntley promoted to M&P Site Manager having gained great respect working alongside Paul Martin (M&P Project Manager), Jackson has excelled installing SFS Framing, Metal Stud Partitions, Suspended Ceilings and render on the Llandysul 3 – 19 New Super School. A big well done to Jackson, which is remarkable considering he is only 20. Once again our training proves a great success.

Jonah Huntley

Jonah Huntley continuing his apprenticeship on our ISV/Morrison Site Cardiff. Jonah’s Tape & Jointing ability is very impressive, Jonah has great ability and has been a quick learner. Our Tape & Jointing training programme is progressing well with some very impressive trainees setting high standards.

Luke Huntley

Luke Huntley completing a circular feature on our Data Project Swansea, this is the first challenge for Luke having completed his apprenticeship working on BHOC Site Bristol for Laing O’Rourke.

Jacob Matthews

Jacob has completed his apprenticeship under the tutelage of Neil Huntley, M&P Director, Jacob has been a top performer and a fast learner.

Josh Edwards

Josh is completing his Suspended Ceiling apprenticeship working closely with his father Martin, Josh is hard working and very popular with all M&P Managers and Operatives.

Jackson & Jordan

Jackson Huntley & Jordan Wicks M&P apprentices excelled installing Suspended Ceilings as part of their training on Llandysul 3 – 19 Super School. Both have been star performers working closely with Paul Martin.

Ceri Barrett

Ceri has completed his SFS apprenticeship and he his making great progress doing his Dry lining training under the Supervision of Julian Huntley.

Jonah & Josh

Jonah & Josh were outstanding apprentices on our Llandysul Project – working closely with Justin Starkey and Paul Martin they helped to deliver 6,000 m2 of EOS SFS and associated works.

Shane Davies

Shane has joined our SFS training programme and his progress has been excellent. Shane has a great career ahead of him and he is well respected by all M&P Managers and Senior Operatives.

Mitchell Howard

Mitchell was another M&P apprentice who excelled on our Llandysul Super School Project, he has been a fast learner with an outstanding attitude, he has a bright future ahead of him.

Jackson and Jonathon

Jackson and Jonathon have completed their render training on Llandysul Super School. M&P’s apprentice training programme has been a great success and impressed all involved with the Project.

Jonah & Josh

Jonah & Josh were outstanding apprentices on our Llandysul Project – working closely with Justin Starkey and Paul Martin they helped to deliver 6,000 m2 of EOS SFS and associated works.

Mark Bull

Mark is coming to the end of his Dry Lining apprenticeship, Mark has been a keen learner and he is an excellent team player, he is also well respected by M&P.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin M&P Site Manager and 4 of his apprentices looking pleased with themselves having completed the Llandysul Super School Project, the combined Contract value was close to 2 million. It would be fair to say the finished works were of a very high standard.

Oliver Davies

Oliver has started his Dry lining apprenticeship with M&P after being promoted from his role as a labourer. He excelled in his role as labourer on our Llandysul Project proving to be an excellent Team player.