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M&P Contractors Wales Ltd… are one of the leading interior/exterior specialist Contractors in the UK for delivering Suspended Ceilings, Partition systems, Dry Lining, SFS Framing and associated works.

Huntley Trade Specialists Ltd

Is a key component of M&P Group, Managing Director Julian Huntley’s quest is simple, maintain our position as market leader and develop business relationships, working closely with key clients and M&P Directors. Julian’s hands-on and personable approach forms the bedrock on which we do business every day.



For 30 years we have worked in a partnering relationship with many UK leading contractors, with a reputation for delivering some of the most demanding and complex projects including, hospitals, schools, airports, apartments, retail, government, military, offices, power stations and shopping centres.



M&P pride themselves on being an innovative contractor who have in place the management, supervisory, and technical ability to support and partner main contractors, architects, and design teams. From the conception of projects through to completion and beyond, M&P are always with you.



M&P GROUP are committed to a partnered approach to business. Through our experience we focus on building long-standing relationships through the delivery of innovation and best practice, while providing clients with value for money and maintaining consistently high standards of quality.


M&P are a family organisation that started in the late 1980’s, we originally served our apprenticeships under George Huntley who trained Mark Huntley, Paul Davies, Neil Huntley, and Jason Huntley, who are all now current Directors of M&P Contractors Wales Ltd.

We now have a third generation of Directors enter the business, Julian Huntley, Jackson Huntley, and Jonah Huntley, who have all received the same level of detailed training, which is in our DNA. We believe our culture of Competence, Commitment, Contribution, and Character coupled with our core values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, set us apart.
George had 50 years’ experience working in the Suspended Ceiling Industry.

It would be fair to say that the training we received off George is testament to our success today. Such training is a rarity in today’s marketplace, and it is an area that still inspires us, which we still carry on vigorously, as we believe our training programmes keep M&P as the market leader.


The key to our success has been the training that we have provided our operatives, which ensures we can deliver the most challenging Projects to the satisfaction of our clients.

M&P has built up a reputation of delivering high quality solutions for the most intricate of works packages.


M&P Contractors Wales Ltd recognizes the importance of environmental matters and are committed to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution as a key part of our business decisions.


M&P Contractors Wales Ltd are committed to fulfilling its statutory obligations and complying with legislation, regulation and relevant codes of practice, ensuring the prevention of accidents and incidents.


M&P Contractors Wales Ltd are one of the leading interior/exterior specialist Contractors in the UK for delivering suspended ceilings, partition systems, dry lining, SFS framing and associated works.


M&P managers implement our 4 KEY POINT STRATEGY, which forms our PCES POLICY,
to ensure the highest Health & Safety and quality standards are delivered on all our sites.


M&P fully understand that when you fail to “PLAN” – you plan to fail.All M&P Project Managers are reminded the importance of adhering to our PCES Policy.

M&P Managers must provide the necessary Leadership through optimum planning to motivate Operatives to complete their works on time and to budget.

Proper planning is what we believe is the foundation of success, which in turn creates a Safe working environment and a reputation for high quality workmanship.


M&P believe “EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” is a building block of any successful organisation. In other words, communication acts as organisational blood.

M&P Managers fully understand good communication promotes motivation by informing and clarifying the operatives about the task to be done, the manner they are performing the task, and how to improve their performance if it is not up to the standard.
M&P remind Managers communication also plays a crucial role in altering individual’s attitudes.


M&P believes “EDUCATION” presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all Operatives to improve quality standards and Health & Safety performance.

An Operative who receives the necessary training is better able to perform his job. He becomes more aware of Safety practices and proper procedures for basic tasks.

M&P also believes a good education programme well communicated will improve standards and promote an attitude to ensure a right first time installation.


M&P have identified on Site “SURVEILLANCE” as one of the most important elements of any installation, thus ensuring the highest quality standards are delivered on all our Sites.

All M&P Site Managers’ surveillance responsibilities include working safely, methods, workmanship, to ensure that all work is performed properly by experienced M&P Operatives.

M&P Managers will ensure all RAMS/SAFETY & QUALITY documents are being implemented through first class SURVEILLANCE.

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