M&P Contractors Wales Ltd are one of the leading interior/exterior specialist Contractors in the UK for delivering Suspended Ceilings, Partition systems, Dry Lining, SFS Framing and associated works.
M&P pride ourselves on being an innovative contractor who have in place the management, supervisory, and technical ability to support and partner main contractors, architects, and design teams, from the conception of projects through to completion and beyond.
To this end we are committed to the following objectives

•    To comply with and deliver work to customer specification.
•    Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.
•    Provide flexible services to meet the requirements of our customer in a changing site environment.
•    Comply with any statutory requirements identified by ourselves or our customers.
•    Achieve programmes and timescales where specified.

M&P are committed to these objectives and to that end will deliver continual improvement of our management systems and quality performance identified within our KPIs

M&P also makes commitments in both our H&S and Environmental Policy statements; these commitments will also aid us in achieving our customer focused goals.

This policy statement is to be read in conjunction with M&P’s IMS Manual, which when read together form M&Ps Business management systems.
The key to our success has been the training that we have provided our Operatives, which ensures we can deliver the most challenging Projects to the satisfaction of our clients. M&P has built up a reputation of delivering high quality solutions for the most intricate of works packages.

My statement is simple, take pride in your work......… always do it right!

Mark Trevelyan Huntley, Managing Director, July 2010

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M&P Contractors Wales Ltd
M&P House, 6 Cambrian Industrial Estate
Clydach Vale, Tonypandy
RCT, CF40 2XX.

I hope you find this website of interest and If you have any questions or would like to discuss future business opportunities,  please contact me personally.

Mark Huntley