M&P Contractors Wales Ltd recognizes the importance of environmental matters and are committed to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution as a key part of our business decisions.

We will work towards the following objectives:

•    Comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulation and industry codes of practice.

•    Provide for the publication of the environmental policy internally by posting the document on the Company notice boards. The policy will be available externally to all interested parties, upon request.

•    Provide for the setting and achievement of environment objectives/targets for the Company based on our significant impact, and for the publication of these within the business.

•    Maintain efforts to achieve continual improvements in environmental performance of our policies, programmes and operations taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, customer and community expectations.

•    Develop services that have minimal environmental impact and are safe in their intended use. Our considerations will include spillage prevention, waste management, natural resource consumption, and energy efficiency practices.

•    Conduct and support assessment of the environmental impacts of new products and services before starting a new activity or Project.

•    Measure environmental performance by conducting reviews and assessments of compliance with this policy statement, ensuring our legal and Company requirements are achieved.

We believe that businesses are responsible for achieving good environmental practice and should operate in a sustainable manner.  This Policy will be communicated to our employees and those working on behalf of M&P

My statement says, let’s look after today…... ensuring a better tomorrow!

Mark Trevelyan Huntley, Managing Director, July 2010

  Read our Environmental Awareness Guide   Read our Environmental Policy

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