About M&P

M&P Contractors Wales Ltd are one of the leading interior/exterior specialist Contractors in the UK for delivering Suspended Ceilings, Partition systems, Dry Lining, SFS Framing and associated works.

Who We Are

M&P are a family organization that started in the late 1980’s, we originally served our training under George Huntley who trained Mark Huntley, Paul Davies, Neil Huntley and Jason Huntley, who are all now current Directors of M&P Contractors Wales Ltd. George has 50 years experience working in the Suspended Ceiling Industry. It would be fair to say that the training we received off George is testament to our success. Such training today is a rarity in today’s marketplace and it is an area that still inspires us, which we still carry on vigorously, as we believe our training programme keeps M&P as the market leader.

What We Do

M&P are a one stop solution for both interior and exterior work programmes. We carried out our original training as Suspended Ceiling Installers before diversifying into the Partitioning and GRG cast markets and today we are successfully expanding into the facade market. At every stage of our expansion we have excelled and become a leading specialist Contractor with our forte being the installation of intricate work packages.


What We Stand For

Our aim is to deliver superior Interior/Exterior solutions for today’s Construction Industry, Private client’s, which must be on time and within budget. We strive to provide our clients with unrivalled levels of professional service and outstanding quality standards.

Why Do We Do It

Our steady growth within the Industry has been built up over many years of hard work. This defined and successful approach has helped self finance our current expansion plans, making us the market leaders in our field of expertise.

Mark Trevelyan Huntley
Managing Director

Contact Us

T: 01443-424980
F: 01443-424981
E: info@mandpgroup.com

M&P Contractors Wales Ltd
M&P House, 6 Cambrian Industrial Estate
Clydach Vale, Tonypandy
RCT, CF40 2XX.

I hope you find this website of interest and If you have any questions or would like to discuss future business opportunities,  please contact me personally.

Mark Huntley